There are millions of clothing brands on the market and retail stores trying to make it big by starting a blog. We have wrestled with the idea of whether to create one or not (in fear of “joining the masses”) but we’ve decided to go for it. To share our heart. Because Strength & Honour is more than just a clothing brand. There are issues in our country that we are passionate about changing and we hope to use this brand as a means to empower people and make our voices heard. In a political environment like South Africa, there can never be too many voices and the more people coming together to make a change, the better.

Who is Strength & Honour?

Strength & Honour is a clothing and apparel brand inspired by both the corporate and casual environment that aims to create the perfect blend between urban and country styles. We desire for our clothing to empower women, allowing them to know their worth and fearlessly pursue their passions whether it’s in an office, at home, or out with friends.

How did you begin?

Our founder, Helene-Mari Bruyn, is the definition of a #girlboss. Strength & Honour is her second business start-up, all the while pursuing a law degree on the side. She is passionate about fair labour laws and empowering workers in the textile/manufacturing industry in South Africa.

Strength & Honour came from a place of need. Helene-Mari wanted clothes that she could wear to work, but that also fit her well. Clothes that she liked the look of and could even wear in her downtime. After all, work does consume approximately 75% of our lives, we should enjoy the clothes we wear there.

With her design background, she starting sewing clothing for herself that met this criteria. Compliment after compliment, she realized that women all over the country are looking for the same kind of clothing she was looking for. And just like her, they couldn’t find it anywhere. So in 2016, she began producing her designs in mass and Strength & Honour took form.

How did you decide the name?

Helene-Mari struggled for a while to find a name that encapsulated all she hoped her brand would be. One day, she was doing her quiet time and read Proverbs 31. Verse 25 jumped out at her, “Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come.”
She loved the image of women being clothed “with strength and honour”. And so she found the name of her brand…

What makes Strength & Honour different than the rest?

Our clothing is produced with locally sourced, high quality fabrics rich in texture. We love our country and believe in supporting local job creation. Each item is proudly South African, handmade with care and produced in an ethical manner. Since learning more about the clothing industry in South Africa, we have seen the inequalities and injustices taking place in our country. We are here to make a difference, will you join us?

Designed with dignity and produced with confidence, we are dedicated to clothing women in Strength & Honour. Thank you for joining our journey and passion for the clothing industry.