Hello everyone! I am Monique and I am so excited to have recently joined the Strength and Honour team, what an honour to be associated with a team that gets it, that desire for their apparel to accentuate the confidence and dignity of the women they clothe and how lucky am I to be clothed in the Strength & Honour apparel that is proudly South African, handmade with care and produced in an ethical manner.

I’m a mommy to a beautiful, busy 3 year old princess, wife to an amazing husband, Marketing Manager of a popular Shopping Centre in the East of Pretoria, The Grove Mall, Mrs SA semi-finalist 2017 with a great love and passion for children and a heart’s desire to make a significant difference no matter how small.

In the midst of such a busy lifestyle, my heart is broken daily because like I did for years; so many women are just trying to get through their day not even mentioning the never-ending to do and to be lists. Trying so hard to be the perfect woman, mom, wife etc. that they tend to run on their own steam and lose themselves in the process. The sad part is that we’ll never be perfect, BUT we are LOVED unconditionally without any measure no matter where we may think we fall short. I recently read Audacious by Beth Moore, and I couldn’t have said it better: “My heart’s vision is to see all women audaciously love Jesus. It’s an unreasonable, illogical and some might say unreachable vision. Many may not, BUT all can.” And I so wish that they would. Because His grace is enough for us, so much more than enough.

In saying that, strength to me is standing for what you believe in in the full knowledge of who I am in Christ and the ultimate price that Jesus paid for me with His precious blood. We get to do it with great joy (a gladness that is not based on our circumstance – 1 Peter 1: 8-9) in all circumstances whether it is being a mom, wife, friend or in the workplace in the midst of trials, tribulations and a broken world because once we know how much He loves and adores us, we cannot help but love unconditionally and be everything real in a world of make-believe.

I hope you’ll run to Jesus, with everything, and in all circumstances and may you see yourself through the eyes of grace, because He does.