Elske Lawton is a loving wife, mother of beautiful twin girls, and co-owner of a tutoring business based out of Somerset West, South Africa.

She was nominated by her friend who said “Elske was the first person I thought of when I saw your new initiative. She displays strength and honour in her everyday life and has been a huge inspiration to me through our years of friendship.”

Elske was originally working as a teacher at Somerset West Primary School but left her job at the end of last year when she gave birth to her precious girls who are almost 6 months old. She always puts others before herself as was seen when she made changes in her career to take care of her girls at home. She and her husband have also helped start a new church in Stellenbosch, aiming to pursue Christ in all they do.



Elske says: “For me, a woman of strength and honour is one who knows that she is weak and needs a Savior, our Lord Jesus. It’s a woman who does not compare herself because she knows that where she is and what she has been given is sovereignly ordained by the Lord for her good and His glory. She rejoices in today and laughs at what’s to come because her hope is secure in the Lord.

I fall so short of this woman described above and think I will for the most part while on this earth. Yet, I still try to be a woman of strength and honour when I wash the dishes joyfully for the fifth time in a day or clean nappies and wipe bums while singing songs and rejoicing. I like to think I’ve been given the gift of hospitality and love to host couples and momma friends and treat them with homemade goodies and chats. When I’m tempted to compete and compare I remind myself that the Lord made no two people the same and I that by comparing I am being ungrateful for how the Lord has made me or what He has given me. And finally, after a long hard day, I greet my husband with love and smiles (sometimes) and rest in my Saviour’s arms with new hope for tomorrow.”



Thank you for being an inspiration, Elske, and for showcasing what it means to live as a woman clothed in Strength & Honour.



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