Lauren Jacobs is a teacher, social justice journalist and award-winning author, striving to honour Christ in all she does “in the big and small”.


Lauren has risen up and become a non-profit woman abuse therapist working for free at police stations where abused women come and find hope. She has been a social justice journalist for over a decade now writing on issues relating to women like trafficking, abuse, gendercide, FGM etc. Her first full-length book won the Desmond Tutu Award for its stand for justice for women. She has also been a Bible teacher and mentor for countless women since 2009.

She’s a woman of strength who honours others by listening to their stories and guiding them to meaning and purpose. She’s even been chosen as a Ted Talk speaker this year! This month’s Woman of Strength & Honour is no other than Lauren Jacobs. We couldn’t be more proud to share her story with you.

Lauren says: “For me personally being a woman of strength often means doing things afraid. Not giving in to fear when pursuing bold dreams and God-given passions.

It means knowing that at the end of our fear, is true purpose and love. It means believing that you are able to overcome any wounds inflicted on you in the past. Strength comes in living a surrendered life to Christ and to being sold out to the calling on your life, no matter what that looks like.

Strength also comes in authenticity and being very real about the messiness and the brokenness of life. Honour is something I truly feel strongly about, I believe in speaking life-affirming words to others and continually building up communities and people with faith-filled action and intent. Daily I do try to be sensitive to how God is seeking to build me up and deal with any dishonouring thoughts or wounds from my past with regards to my personal identity in Him. Daily, I do try and live in a way that honours Him in the big and small, but of course, I am still very much a work in progress! As a non-profit social justice journalist, I have focussed for close to a decade, on writing and speaking out on various issues relating to women in global communities. Issues like child brides, female education, gendercide, and women abuse at the forefront of what I write about. As well as profiling female figures who want to tell their stories. I feel I am called to shine a light on women’s stories, and that passion started when I was a woman abuse counsellor.

As much as I enjoyed the journey of therapy, my passion was always writing, so I was led to write honestly and very “raw,” about the real issues facing women today form all walks of life. I also am an ordained pastor and teacher, and an award-winning author. My work in these two areas has once again focused on telling lesser-known women’s stories from the Bible, and from the margins of biblical history. Faith communities have a long way to go in understanding how important women’s voices are, as well as how important our stories are, I yearn to restore women’s voices and contributions to the world, through my writing I am doing that.”


What an encouragement of someone living this life to the fullest in dignity and strength. If you’d like to read more about Lauren’s work, feel free to check out her blog and more articles at

Thank you for being an inspiration, Lauren!



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