Ruth is a South African Christian contemporary singer/songwriter, sharing the beauty of His love in song.


This month, we are honoured to showcase Ruth, as the Strength & Honour Woman of the Month. Her best friend describes her as “a pillar of strength, not only as a friend to me and others but as a spouse, a sister, and a daughter. She inspires one to be a more beautiful person on the inside. She knows her worth and is a perfect example of living with confidence in Christ. She is humble but strong. She faces her fears and allows her God to lead her, regardless if the uncertainty the future holds. He gave her the most amazing voice, and she uses her talent to expand His kingdom and share His heart to the world. Because of her, the world is more beautiful. I love my friend, she is a true blessing in my life. My hope is that each and every woman experience such a beautiful friendship.”


Ruth truly is an incredible woman. She says “To me a woman of ‘strength & honour’ is a woman who pursues the purposes and plans God puts in her heart despite the insecurities, fears, disappointments and past failures that she faces moving forward, not allowing them to dictate her ways. A woman who depends on God’s strength and His very breath to carry her forward fully trusting in Him to move on her behalf. A woman who gives herself lovingly & selflessly to build others up. A woman who rejoices in goodness & does not clothe herself with outward beauty only but with the beautiful attributes of a gentle, kind & loving heart. A woman of ‘strength and honour’ is not without fault or flaw but rather someone who possesses a certain relatable openness about her struggles and continues life’s journey in the overcoming of them.

To me, a woman of ‘strength and honour’ is not defined by grand accomplishments and great exploits but rather by a beautiful character in the seemingly unimportant or mundane tasks in life even when nobody sees.

At the back: Ruth’s husband, Second row: Ruth’s sister, mother and father & Ruth in the front.

Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes. Every day is a gift, another opportunity, to practice & grow toward living a life that resembles ‘strength & honor’ in every aspect. Through music, as with all other aspects of life, I have the wonderful privilege not only to grow, to be shaped and molded but also to share some words of encouragement & life with others – trusting that it will touch them just as I have been completely changed by them. In the end, a life graciously lived in ‘strength and honour’ speaks louder than a thousand words.”

Amen, Ruth! Keep on living out this life in strength & honour. We are so inspired by you and all you do! If you’d like to listen to Ruth’s music, feel free to check out her website:


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