It translates for me into being a woman of quiet confidence and constant courage” – Khanya


With a dream to make a change in Africa, Khanya pursued a career in hydropower here in South Africa and has now continued a brave journey in Norway where she realised she can do more to create the dream of change in Africa. However, those who have moved to another country before, know how difficult and intimidating it can be. Khanya says, “Moving to another country you are humbled, forced to check your perceptions, question some of your beliefs. It is a seriously challenging, painful growth time. Those who know me, know I am a confident woman. Our move to Norway, however, caused some serious self-doubt. You try to fit in, blend in, be like the locals. You feel embarrassed to be foreign. You start to lose sight of who you are. I became seriously depressed. When you don’t honour yourself, be true to yourself and try to be something you are not, you cannot be happy.


“She is tall, confident and has never been afraid to bring her own sense of style into the mostly dull engineering environment. She is someone that brings energy and light into the room and has an ease about her that makes everyone feel welcome…” words from Khanya’s colleague at work. 


Khanya says: “Strength is three-fold and one in the same. My mom always told me never pack a bag you can’t carry yourself, a method I adopt on every trip to Africa to scout hydropower potential as a civil engineer, where you need to be ready for anything. These trips require an immense amount of courage.  You need to be physically strong; look after your body and health, emotionally; you need to be able to handle different cultures, mediate and negotiate; and spiritually; you need to draw from it every day to guide your decisions and interactions.”



Khanya believes that a woman of strength and honour is “a woman who remains true to herself, her God, her values and her experiences. It is a woman who other people can rely on and who is able to support, motivate and listen. A woman who understands her worth, weaknesses and strengths. Though in order to honour yourself it takes strength; physical, emotional and spiritual strength, you can’t have one without the other. It translates for me into being a woman of quiet confidence and constant courage.”


“When I think of Khanya, I cannot think of anyone who embodies “a woman of strength and honour” more. I have spoken mostly of how she embodies this in her career but it is true to every aspect of her life. She will choose the road less traveled because it is right – and this always requires strength and honour. I wish for her all the grace, love and gentleness her journey has to offer and to say, “You’re solid gold, my friend, solid gold.”” – friend of Khanya. 



We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. We are so inspired by you and are cheering you on from the homeland, precious woman. Enjoy your free pencil skirt as a way to say thank you for who you are and for being an example us all, because you truly are.


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