“being a woman of strength and honour means devoting myself to the service of others” – Megan


This month’s Woman of Strength & Honour is Megan van Gensen, a medical doctor working in the heart of Johannesburg.

If you know any doctors or medical students working in the healthcare industry, you’ll know what a taxing job this can be. One that requires dedication and a selfless spirit. Megan is just that. One of her friends describes her as “one of the smartest and most caring women I know. She is a doctor and regularly faces challenges that come with working in a failing health care system. Yet she still gives everything for her patients and still has time to listen to me cry when I need a friend. She is so beautiful inside and out and is always the first person I can call when I need a shoulder, to share good news or even just chat. She deserves the world and more for all she does for her patients and everyone around her.” 


To Megan, “being a woman of strength and honour means devoting myself to the service of others. I am a medical doctor currently working in an Intensive Care Unit in a Johannesburg hospital and it has been one of the most rewarding and humbling experiences.

On the one hand, being able to acutely treat and care for these patients and see them leave the unit and have another chance at life is tremendously rewarding. Yet, on the other more devastating side, when patients do not survive after you have done all you could and have to break the news to their loved ones, is difficult. Not only do I devote myself to the service of others in my career, but I try to live this mantra out in my personal relationships too. At times it is demanding to focus and put energy into my personal relationships, but I am always there when a loved one needs me.


To find a balance in a career of medicine can be quite challenging, but I attempt to stay grounded with hobbies like cooking and baking, and spending time with rescue dogs. My mother – who despite growing up in a small town in the Eastern Cape – defied the odds to earn a Ph.D. in higher education and built her career whilst still being a super mom, is my true inspiration of being a woman of strength and honour.


What an encouragement of someone living their every day in dignity and strength. Thank you for being an inspiration, Megan! Keep up the amazing hard work and dedication.



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