“When I think of being a strong woman I first consider where my strength comes from: my God and my purpose, my family and my community. As God pours into me, I can walk in strength for those who rely on it because of the grace I’ve been given by others to learn from hard things. I realize I cannot keep it to myself, but rather use it to empower those around me.” – Alexandra Nomavuka 


Alex came to South Africa from the USA as a missionary in 2010, living in Kayamandi and working with young women. She met and married a local man, Odwa, and they now have three young children. They co-own Amazink in Kayamandi and Alex also heads up Her Voice, an NGO that she started in 2015 for young moms and their children. Alex is the epitome of Strength & Honour and we were honoured to hear her story.



As far as ”life” goes.. she said there are many stories she could share about her experiences in Kayamandi, probably all of which end in her learning something new about herself, other people and the God who created us all.

She shared, “My husband and I both share the passion to empower others, break apart systems of injustice from the inside out and bring people together who may not have come together otherwise.

The women in Her Voice and those I’ve met along the way help me to grow. Together we’ve been able to create safe spaces where we can all ask questions, affirm and support another. I think many times one enters a space with a preconceived idea of how they’re going to show up and be the answer everyone’s been waiting for. And when that doesn’t happen, their identity can become confused. But I feel that since I’ve been in Kayamandi, I’ve been taught that my identity has so much to do with the big pictures of all of our identities woven together. Which allows for me to have the capacity to continue to do it for so long – it’s not up to ME. And that’s how my husband and I attempt to run Her Voice and Amazink.


I haven’t mastered the wife/mother-of-three/head of an organization/also take care of myself thing quite yet. I’m not sure I ever will. But I’ve been given endless amounts room to figure it out. I have a very gracious husband, amazingly adaptable and loving children and so many golden-hearted people involved in Her Voice that I continue to be encouraged to find this balance.


I think of being a woman of honour must be earned. We can desire to be respected and dignified, but we can only do our best to live it out in consistent character and respect for others. We cannot call ourselves honorable. We must just BE honorable. And then I guess you realize you’re getting there when someone nominates you to be the Strength and Honour Woman of the Month!


When I think of the life I lived as a single hairstylist in Long Beach, California and see myself now, 8 years later, it is amazing to see the purifying growth that’s taken place, not really because of anything I’ve done, but because of what I’ve said “yes” to. Many people get to their 30’s and start to panic because they feel like life is slipping through their fingers or they had all these things they thought they would have accomplished by now. But I turned 31 in March and I’m actually enjoying it so much because I know what God has been doing in me through my 20’s and all of this can only be prepared for great things to come.”


We can’t wait to see those great things to come, Alex. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all and for showing us what it means to live fearlessly for God. We’re humbled and honoured to be a witness to your story.


If you’d like to learn more about Alex and who she is, feel free to check her out on Instagram on her personal profile @alincho or Her Voice on Instagram.



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