Kgomotso Mokoena: “attorney, professor, advocate, mentor”


We are proud to feature Kgomotso as this month’s Woman of Strength & Honour, a lecturer at the University of Johannesburg in the faculty of law. Not only is she a qualified attorney who clerked at the Constitutional Court, but she is also the founder of the group Conversations. This group serves as a platform to educate grade school kids about the law profession and give advice about how to start in the journey towards reaching their goals. She is also a part of spearheading a mentoring program for first-year female students to provide better support for these girls and create a safe place for open discussion about real life issues facing our young women.

Shas a heart for social justice and protecting vulnerable people in society and marginalized women. She was recently the speaker at the CCMA’s Research Imbizo as her background is in labour law, which is one of many contributions she makes towards better our profession.

A former student of hers said “she inspires excellence, empathy and a hunger for knowledge within her students, colleagues and social sphere. She is well deserved of this acknowledgment and prize”.

When we asked Kgomotso what it means to be a woman of strength and honour, she said: “To me, it means to not only interact with others with integrity but also with kindness and love.  I believe this is important in a professional and personal space and have recognised that in my work I come across a lot of young people.  It is important to me that they see me as someone who not only has a particular professional reputation but also as someone who is respectful and kind to others.  These are the sorts of lawyers that I hope to groom through my work as a lecturer.

In my time in legal practice and in my current work as a legal academic I strive to engage in work that is meaningful to ordinary South Africans. To me, the law should be used as a tool for social development and the strengthening of the political and social conscience of our people.  In my academic writing, I place an emphasis on employment law as I believe it is central to improving the lives of citizens and I wish to play my part in ensuring that our constitutional and labour rights are fulfilled.

SpreadLuv is a non-profit organisation which provides career guidance to learners at under-resourced schools.  As Founder and CEO I understand our work to be imperative to the development of South African youth.  We strive to ensure that through its work SpreadLuv plays an integral role in the personal development of young people and the project of nation building as a whole.



Lastly to my mind, being a woman of strength and honour is about growing and shaping others.  I believe in being “teachable” and teaching.  I believe there is power in the strength and words that we pass to one another and I strive always to add God’s light to this world.


What an encouragement of someone living a life full of dignity and strength. If you’d like to learn more about Kgomotso and her mission, feel free to check her out on Instagram on her personal profile @kgomotso_loves. Thank you for being an inspiration, Kgomotso!



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